Tiny Home Kits

Low on essential goods? Go online. Need some new clothes? Shop online. Want a new house? Online is where it’s at.

tiny home kits
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Yes, you read that right, you can now buy tiny home kits online. From solar-enabled dwellings, to expandable studios, to glass houses with bedrooms, the internet has a slew of different ...  READ MORE

Small Space Beds

Small space beds are just what you need if you have a tiny bedroom. Or even if you have a large one, and you want to use the space more wisely to make room for even more furniture.

small space beds

Often, traditional beds just won’t cut it in a small bedroom. They take up too much space and leave you with ...  READ MORE

Bunk Beds for Small Spaces

Bunk beds for small spaces are not only the perfect fit for tiny homes – they are comfortable, fun, and stylish too.

bunk beds for small spaces
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By design, bunk beds inherently save space. But the ones featured here take it to a higher level, with features that make even more room than you’d ...  READ MORE