About Us

LIVE LARGE in your tiny space!

tiny space BIG LIFE is a site about how to live large in your dwelling space, be it a tiny house or a small apartment, and everything else downsized. This site is dedicated to inspiring you to live a happy and beautiful life, regardless if living in a tiny space is by choice or by circumstance, or both.

Tiny Space Doesn’t Mean Cramped

Through practical advice and guides, tiny space BIG LIFE will show that you actually have more space than you’d expect from your humble abode. We research and curate the best space-saving furnishings for your small house or apartment, so that you can adorn it wonderfully without feeling restricted and confined.

Live Large as a Minimalist

Minimalism doesn’t have to be bland and boring, just as living large doesn’t have to be excessive. Here at tiny space BIG LIFE, you’ll find realistically doable furnishing ideas that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. You get to live the tiny house lifestyle and enjoy all its perks, while living comfortably in your cozy little space.

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