Bunk Beds for Small Spaces

Bunk beds for small spaces are not only the perfect fit for tiny homes – they are comfortable, fun, and stylish too.

bunk beds for small spaces
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By design, bunk beds inherently save space. But the ones featured here take it to a higher level, with features that make even more room than you’d expect from your small home.

That, and they look good too. So regardless if you’re looking for a bunk bed for kids or adults, you’ll likely find the best one here.

Best Bunk Beds for Small Rooms

In a hurry? Cut to the chase by sifting through the best bunk beds only, which are shown below. Click the red buttons under DETAILS to see bigger pictures*, other available colors, measurements, reviews, prices and more.

diy bunk bed 2

diy bunk bed

Below, we discuss why the bunk beds listed above are indeed exceptional. We also highlight their space-saving features, as well as share ideas on how to use them to design or style your tiny space.

Bunk Bed Ideas and Reviews

We sifted through lots of bunk beds to find the best, then combed through their reviews to see why they are great for small rooms. Below, we share our findings. Also, we share ideas on how you may use each of the bunk beds to style or design your tiny room.

Wooden Twin Loft by Donco

This bunk bed from Donco is a loft kind of bed intended mainly for kids and teens. It is twin sized and is made of pinewood.

donco wooden twin loft

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The wooden design is perfect if you want a rustic or country vibe for your home. It ages beautifully too, as pinewood gains a nice worn-out look over time (kind of like applying a vintage filter in real life!). That said, it might not fit in more modern designs. Nonetheless, this loft bed comes with space-saving features (listed below) that are very much suited for modern lifestyles.

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Comes with a desk that slides in under the bedA bit challenging to assemble
Has plenty of shelves for books and more
With drawers for storing stuffs under the bed

Even though this loft bed may be challenging to put together, the effort is well worth it. After all, you’ll be getting features that in turn gives you more space from your tiny home. To see what other tiny home dwellers think about this Wooden Twin Loft by Donco, just click here.

Metal Twin Loft by DHP

DHP says that any age can use this loft bed as long as they are within the 200 lb weight capacity. This is a twin-sized bunk bed that is made of metal.

dhp studio metal twin loft

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This loft bed is perfect if you want an industrial style bedroom. The way its metal frame had been angled and curved beautifully contrasts an old-world charm with sleek modernity. Needless to say, it perfectly fits the modern lifestyle. And indeed it does because of its practical features.

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
Comes with a desk, thereby combining work/study & rest in less spaceThe stairs could really use some kind of padding
Has more than enough shelves for books & decors

Despite the stairs, everything else about the bunk bed more than makes up for it. To see what other people think about this Metal Twin Loft by DHP, just click here.

Metal Twin Over Futon by Walker Edison

Partly because of its 250 lb weight capacity per bunk, this loft futon by Walker Edison is a popular choice among adults. This metal bed’s top bunk is twin-sized, while the bottom futon converts into a full-sized bed.

walker edison metal twin over futon

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But size and sturdiness aren’t the only reasons why this bunk bed appeals to adults. With its sleek modern look, it blends well in both minimalist and artsy interiors. So regardless if you’re an efficiency-driven career person or a contemporary artist, this loft futon will suit you well. And given its multi-purpose features, it suits the modern life as well.

What We LikeWhat We Dislike
The futon is perfect for both lounging and sleepingA bit challenging to assemble
You can store some stuffs underneath the futon

Though this bunk bed is challenging to assemble, the effort is worth the relaxation options it offers. Watch TV, read books, play games – the futon lets you do all that comfortably. To see what other people do with this Metal Twin Over Futon by Walker Edison, read their reviews by clicking here.

diy bunk bed 2

diy bunk bed

How to Choose the Right Bunk Bed

Choosing furniture is exciting, but can also be overwhelming. And while there isn’t a right or wrong bunk bed, you could always choose better with the help of a little direction. So here, we share some tips to help you pick the bunk bed that best fits your tiny space.

Types of Bunk Beds

Based on the number of decks, bunk beds can generally be categorized as triple bunk, standard (two bunks), or loft type. The latter is like a standard bunk bed but without the bottom deck. Of course, your choice will primarily be based on how many people you plan to accommodate.

Under such categories, bunk beds can be further classified according to bed size, which is usually either twin or full (larger sizes are uncommon). Decks in bunk beds can have similar or different sizes, so you’ll often hear or read descriptions such as a  twin over twin, twin over full, or twin/twin/twin.

Aside from size, bunk beds can also be further classified according to shape. There are two shapes, namely standard and L-shaped. The standard shape is where the decks are stacked in a parallel fashion. Meanwhile, as the name suggests, L-shaped has its decks stacked perpendicularly.


Bunk beds may also be classified further based on their construction material, which is either wood or metal. Generally, they have comparable sturdiness, so choosing between the two usually boils down to whose look you prefer more.

Last but not the least, bunk beds can also be distinguished based on their space-saving features. These are typically built-in desks, shelves, drawers, futons, or trundles. Manufacturers have their own ways of incorporating these features, so check carefully if their design suits you well.

Color Blending

Unless you want a bunk bed that sticks out like a sore thumb, you should stick with colors that blend in with your room. Especially if you’ll be the one using it, as you’ll be seeing it every time you go to sleep and wake up. You wouldn’t want to be constantly reminded of a bad decision, would you?

Fit to Your Space

If there’s anything that will make you regret buying a bunk bed, it’s buying one that doesn’t fit where you intend to place it. So spare yourself the heartache by measuring the actual place where you’ll put the furniture. And by measure, we really mean measure, not guess or estimate.

Thereafter, also check the measurements of the bunk bed that you are eyeing. Then, compare its length, width, and height to your space’s dimensions (be careful in matching the measurements). Be mindful of the units of measurements too – make sure they are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got some questions about bunk beds? Here are the answers:

How do you fit two bunk beds in a small room?

Decide first on where you have to put each furniture. Base your decision on the shape and size of the bedroom, so that the bunk beds’ positions will maximize the space available.

  1. For square rooms, it is often best to place the bunk beds parallel with each other. Put them on opposite sides of the room and against the walls. Between the two furniture, you can then place desks to maximize the space. 
  2. For long rooms, place the bunk beds lengthwise along the wall. Between them, you can put dressers or other furniture to give the inhabitants some privacy.
  3. For L-shaped rooms, place a bunk bed on each end of the L shape, so as to maximize the privacy of the inhabitants. At the longest wall of the room, you can then place two dressers side by side.
  4. Try making the beds, walking around, and opening doors to make sure that there is enough space for common daily activities.

Now, if you think that bunk beds really won’t fit in your tiny room, check out these other small space beds.

Where should a bunk bed be placed in a room?

It is safer and more effective to place bunk beds against a wall, instead of being kitty-cornered. Flushing them against a wall allows you to use the space under the top bunk for storage or shelving.

Can adults use bunk beds?

Short answer: yes. A lot of bunk beds nowadays are sturdy enough for big adults. When considering a bunk bed for adult use, safety is no doubt the biggest concern. More so if the adult is relatively big, or if two persons might sleep on a bunk. In any case, to address your concerns about a bunk bed’s sturdiness, it’s always prudent to check the weight capacity.

Are loft beds good for small rooms?

Loft beds are actually excellent for small rooms, because of their space-saving design. They make a tiny bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable, while also being very functional and useful itself. Whether the bedroom is for kids or guests, they allow for more interesting and stylish interior design, especially for small rooms. The versatility of loft beds is what makes them one of the best bunk beds for small spaces.

* Product images in this article are owned by the respective brands/manufacturers.