Small Space Beds

Small space beds are just what you need if you have a tiny bedroom. Or even if you have a large one, and you want to use the space more wisely to make room for even more furniture.

small space beds

Often, traditional beds just won’t cut it in a small bedroom. They take up too much space and leave you with very little room for everything else – like other necessary furniture and decors.

And so below, we rounded up the best tiny space beds that allow you to rest in comfort and style. For more information on each bed, click the red button below the pictures*.

Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are the go-to solution if you want to accommodate as many persons as you can in a small room. The one below, for example, can conveniently accommodate three persons. And so, it’s as if you tripled the space the furniture is on.

atlantic wooden full over full

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And that thing at the side is a triple treat too: it’s a stair, drawer and shelf rolled into one. Good things come in threes, it seems. But there’s more to bunk beds than just drawers and shelves. To see other nifty and handy features, check out these bunk beds for small spaces.

Loft Beds

Loft beds are often categorized under bunk beds because they are like the latter, just without the bottom deck. Bunk beds let you accommodate as many persons as possible, but what if there’s only you and you just want to save space? That is when loft beds, like the one below, are a more appropriate option.

dhp studio metal twin loft

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The disadvantage of traditional beds is that the space above them is underused. But with the loft bed above, you get to use that space for as long as you sleep (which is a lot of hours, if you’re like us). Then, it lets you use the space below for other things like studying or working.

diy bunk bed 2

diy bunk bed

Sofa Beds

Sofa beds have recently become popular and are often used to furnish living rooms – whether they are big, small, or anything in between. They are perfect for movie nights, having guests who will sleepover, or both. That, and they look good too, as you can see in the example below.

kodiak sofa bed storage

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Most sofa beds also come with storage features, like the drawers that you see above. Some come with removable covers too, which we think is a nice touch. With such features plus the dual-purpose nature of sofa beds, they are definitely a good fit for tiny spaces.

Fold-Out Beds

A fold-out bed is perfect for a tiny space, but not just the one that’s in your bedroom. It’s great for small offices too, where a quick nap might just help you achieve big things. And you can tuck it away after use, so it won’t look like you are sleeping on the job.

milliard fold out bed

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A fold-out bed will also do the job of accomodating guests if you don’t have an extra room. On the other hand, if you live solo, it will also work well for your own regular use. For example, while the bed above looks very minimalistic, we found it comfortable and other people say so too.

Murphy Beds

A Murphy bed is also known as a fold-down bed, pull-down bed, or a wall bed. It is designed to be stored vertically inside a cabinet or closet, or against a wall (which is usually recessed). The furniture’s name is based on William Lawrence Murphy, who patented the design back in 1912.

bestar murphy bed

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Murphy beds make your space multi-purpose, aside from being multi-purpose themselves. For example, the one above doubles as a cabinet when folded up. And when it is tucked in, it allows you to use the space for activities other than sleeping (some yoga perhaps?).

diy bunk bed 2

diy bunk bed

Murphy Cube

As the name suggests, Murphy cubes are like a spinoff from Murphy beds. Like the latter, these cubes (as we like to call them) can switch between being a bed and being a cabinet. One of the main differences, however, is the manner by which it switches between its forms.

night & day murphy cube

See it transform to a bed

Another major difference, as shown above, is that the cabinet form’s orientation is often horizontal. Also, cubes don’t need to be attached to walls, so you have the flexibility of moving it around anytime. And flexibility is, without a doubt, a must-have for small spaces.

Captain’s Bed

If you hardly have space for a bed, let alone for storage furniture like drawers, it’s a good idea to combine them. Sometimes referred to as a captain’s bed, these beds with drawers allow you to store your clothes without taking up additional space. Below is a good example:

discovery world captain bed

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Of course, you are not limited to storing only clothes. In our case, we also tried books and gadgets like tablets. And it’s very convenient, to have such things within reach as you rest. It definitely makes the captain’s bed among the best small space beds.

Platform Beds

Got a room with a low ceiling that is weighing down on you? Then platform beds are what you need to lift up your mood. They are flushed to the floor, so you’ll have more headspace that you never thought you had. And it won’t feel like the ceiling is closing in on you!

platform bed
Laying low… literally!

Aside from saving space above it, platform beds also expose more of your wall. This lets you go crazy with huge wall art, or be sophisticated with an accent wall. Not a fan of wall shenanigans? A bare wall and platform bed work well together to exude a minimalistic vibe.

Twin Beds

Twin beds don’t really have any groundbreaking features that make them great for tiny spaces. Their size itself is what makes them a good fit in small bedrooms. However, the magic happens when they are positioned creatively, like in an alcove for example.

alcove bed hut
Going where no bed has gone before

Because of its size, a twin bed is more likely to fit in unusual spaces like an alcove or an oddly shaped room. And if it’s just you who’ll be sleeping on it, a twin bed is actually big enough for most people. And it might just make your room feel twice as big, so why not?

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