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Low on essential goods? Go online. Need some new clothes? Shop online. Want a new house? Online is where it’s at.

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Yes, you read that right, you can now buy tiny home kits online. From solar-enabled dwellings, to expandable studios, to glass houses with bedrooms, the internet has a slew of different options. But that’s not all. If you’re a DIY pro wanting to build your own small home, the tiny house kits already come with the needed materials, as well as step-by-step detailed instructions.

Built bunk beds for your kids and think that you’re now ready for a bigger project? The tiny house kits below are waving at you, encouraging you to put them in your virtual shopping cart.

Allwood Mayflower

No, you are not hallucinating. That tiny home on wheels below really looks like a wild west wagon. The light-colored look is due to Nordic wood, also known as spruce, which was also used by the Wright Brothers in their planes.

Allwood Mayflower studio cabin

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At 117 square feet, this one-room wonder can be assembled in around 2 days by 2 adults. Only a few common tools are needed and DIY instructions come with the kit. It’s a cute garden hangout that is perfect for housing your guests, or your hobbies (or both, if you are savvy at space-saving).

Jamaica Vermont Cottage

Remember the cute little cottages that you lived in at summer camps? It’s like the cottage below, isn’t it? With the Vermont Cottage, you can relive fond memories as well as create new ones. And you’ll have enough space to do so, given its 80 square feet porch, 240 square feet first floor, and 96 square feet loft.

jamaica vermont cottage

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Aside from the usual assembly instructions, this home kit comes with window screens and a porch ladder. And besides being a good summer camp shelter, it can also be used as an artist studio or hunting cabin. The manufacturer even says that it can be used for year round living.

Allwood Eagle Point

With a total floor area of 1,108 square feet, the Allwood Eagle Point is big, but can still be considered a small house (with an equally small price tag). But size isn’t the only thing that matters in this house kit, its two-story design also is. The second floor takes 396 square feet out of the total floor area.

allwood Eagle Point

See the interior

But it doesn’t end there. The two floors are connected by a beautiful flight of stairs in the middle of house. And both floors can be personalized to your heart’s desires. Want open space? Just remove some of the walls. Want more natural light and fresh air? Then fancy yourself with additional windows.

BZB Sunset Cabin

With an inside space of only 162 square feet, the Sunset Cabin is relatively small, as far as tiny houses go. But it’s not small when it comes to features. The cabin, which is lined with spruce, has front doors with glass panels and lots of windows to boot. This means that you’ll get a lot of natural light.

bzb sunset cabin 2

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But that’s not all, as you’ll also get a porch that wraps around the house. Think about the stuffs you can have with that. Maybe a hammock on one side, and a relaxing chair on another? This home kit is versatile enough to whatever might tickle your fancy. You can use it as a hunting cabin, an artist’s studio, and even as a home office.

tiny house plan

tiny house plan

Allwood Solvalla

At only 172 square feet, this tiny creation is actually more like a shed than a house. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t do some homey activities in it. If you’re looking for just enough space to, say, work on some art projects or meditate, then this “tiny home” will be just fine.

allwood solvalla

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Now, if you’re planning to accommodate guests here, you’ll likely have to add electricity and HVAC, since such amenities are not included in the kit. What’s included are step-by-step instructions that will approximately take a day to follow for two adults.

Allwood Arlanda XXL

The XXL is the upsized version of the Allwood Arlanda XL, with the former being 45 square feet bigger than the latter which is only 227 square feet. With the extra space, you can have a full-size sleeping area if you are so inclined.

allwood Arlanda XXL

Look inside

The XXL comes with a wall that can separate the bedroom from the rest of the house. But you can do away with it, if you need all of its 273 square feet for, say, a home office perhaps. With the XXL’s modern urban look, it will suit different purposes and environments, from gardens to building rooftops.

BZB Lakeview Cabin

As its name suggests, this cabin is your quintessential lake house, given its rustic logs and a generous number of windows. This kit also has floor joists and boards, ceiling boards, doors, a hardware package, and detailed instructions to get you building in no time.

bzb lakeview cabin

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With 209 square feet of space inside, you can set up this kit to suit specific purposes. You can use it as a garden room, home office, fishing cabin, guest house, and more. And you can use it year-round, since it is made of premium quality Nordic wood.

Allwood Timberline

The Allwood Timberline is like a Lincoln Log build in real life. This kit assembles into a 483 square feet home that will likely excite the kid in you. Inside this red roofed house is a 354 square feet floor space with a 129 square feet loft. That’s enough space for amenities such as storage, bathroom and kitchen.

allwood timberline

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Now, if you’d like to fancy yourself with some personalization, the Timberline can be customized easily to serve as a primary residence. This home kit comes with a couple of options, and you can even have an extended roof. But since this house kit is one of Allwood’s largest models, putting it together will take two adults around three days.

Allwood Bella

With an 86 square feet loft over a 237 square feet first floor that has a kitchenette and bathroom, this kit is perfect for many situations. It will look right at home in a lakeside, beach front, or garden. It can be your living space, guest house, and even a commercial purpose building.

allwood bella

Check the layout

Like the Allwood Ranger, this cute home kit is good for Mother Nature, since it also sports thick wood planks that make it energy efficient. But that’s not all. Putting together the Bella will take two adults only 16 hours, using minimal tools only. And so, you’ll be relaxing inside this house in no time.

tiny house plan

tiny house plan

WNC The Jackson

This tiny house is among the most spacious in this list, with a 275 square feet interior and a 119 square feet porch. The porch spans the entire length of the facade, and is sheltered below the roof overhang. It comes with charming railing too, that really completes its homey vibe.

wnc the jackson

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The interior, on the other hand, is divided into four rooms. The kitchen is at the center room, with the bathroom right behind it. These are flanked on both sides by two bigger rooms, which could be used as a living area and bedroom.

Allwood Dreamcatcher

With its name, you’ll probably have a feeling that this house kit will likely be great. And indeed it is great. This colorful and cute cabin is 205 square feet, and is built from premium spruce wood. You’ll also get a french door with the kit, which is impressive to say the least.

allwood dreamcatcher
The couple is also not included 😀

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Now you might be asking, what does it take to have this dream house? A friend and at least 2 days of your time, which is quite fast as far as building houses go. But the time and effort are worth it, because the Dreamcatcher is quite versatile. It is perfect as a guest house, home office, and even as a place to have fun with your hobbies.

Allwood Ranger

This adorable little cabin was conceptualized with sustainability in mind (shout out to Mother Nature, yay!). It can withstand cold weather, given that its wall planks are thicker and therefore energy efficient. Also, the roof’s angle makes it perfect for installing solar panels.

allwood ranger

See the exterior

As for the interior, the 259 square feet main floor is quite spacious, and you also get a 168 square feet loft. Like other small house kits, the Ranger comes with detailed instructions that require a few basic tools only. It will probably take three days for two adults to assemble it, but it’s not really significantly longer than most other kits.

Whole Wood Cabins Concord

With only 76 square feet of space, this is among the smallest in this tiny house list. Its double doors open into a single interior, which is around 9.5 x 8 feet. While some might say that this is too compact for living full-time, its size is just right for a book nook, craft area, or meditation room.

whole wood cabins concord

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Another great thing about its size is that since it is small, the price is equally small too. That’s perfect if you only want a place to retreat and have privacy to calm your nerves. And assembling the Concord is also unlikely to stress you out, since it is among the tiny home kits that are quite easy to put together.

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